Checking keyword density and keyword optimization

Chapter 28

We have been discussing about keyword density and its importance in SEO strategy in a number of posts. But, do we know how to go about checking keyword density of your post and check whether our keywords have been placed at right places to make our inbound marketing strategy effective. In this chapter of inbound marketing certification course we would be discussing about tools and techniques that can help you do that.

There are thousands of SEO tools available online, but we would be discussing 3 top keyword density SEO tools that we use ourselves.

SEO quake

SEO quake is a free Chrome extension that is surely going to help you in your SEO strategy. After you install this extension you can see Alexa rank, Google index, Yahoo index, Google links, backlinks and lot of other things including keyword density. As you can see below it gives all that possible 1 word, 2 word, 3 word 4 word keywords that have been used for keyword optimization. This also pulls out data from your meta tags to display the keyword density information. As we have discussed your keyword should be optimized for 2-3% and anything above 5% should be reworked upon.

This is a powerful tool and would aid you in various other parts of your inbound marketing strategy.

Using SEO Quake for keyword optimization
Seo Quake keyword analysis


It is another tool that can help you check keyword density of your page. Just visit their site and put your link and you would get the analysis. This site also has many other SEO tools that can be useful for your SEO strategy.

WebConfs is a SEO tool website that can help your SEO analysis and improving inbound marketing strategy
Using WebConfs keyword density tool

Attracta SEO tools

Attracta is a tool which we personally use for carrying out an SEO audit for our website. As far as keyword density is concerned it also helps us in getting that done.

Manual Check

A manual check is a must even if you have checked it through various SEO tools. Just hit the find button and enter your keyword , just to have a check.

Checking Keywords Placement

Another important factor for optimizing keywords is checking out keyword placement.  We have discussed about keyword placement in our previous chapter of inbound marketing certification  course.

You should have your keywords placement in headings, URL, first last paragraphs, keywords should not stuff out the content. You will have to check all these factors. SEO tools like SEO Quake, Attracta and SEM Rush would help you analyze these things in a better way.

This process has to continue over a period of time till you are not able to achieve the desired result with keyword. You might even have to look at whether your keyword selection is correct if your SEO strategy is not paying off because of keywords.

To learn and read further you can visit our inbound marketing certification course. In case you need help or information on SEO strategy you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.

Checking keyword density and keyword optimization
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Checking keyword density and keyword optimization
We would discuss about various SEO tools that can help you in checking keyword density and keyword optimization. Thus, improving your inbound marketing strategy
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