Best Practices of Thank You Pages

We all understand it can be hard to get leads for our business. Many of us even spend thousands of dollars on marketing and still can’t achieve desired results. Is it because the digital marketing company we choose, is not good enough or something else?

The answer to this will be most of the times you are unable to convey message to the audience as to what they should do next. Your inbound marketing strategy, should control the flow of cycle as to what next should the visitor do when, he visits content on your site.

In that context, thank you pages become important for conversion process. When, you are trying to tell visitor, what to do next, you are effectively asking him to make sure he follows what you want him to and take him to the next stage of buyer journey. Let’s discuss about best practices of thank you pages in detail.

What You Should Keep in Mind When Creating Your Next Thank You Page

  • Message – Always confirm that you have received their details. There are various messages that you might use. You might say “Thanks for downloading or signing up” or “We will get back to you” or “Please confirm your email”. Whatever, be the message make sure, it guides the visitor and converts it into the lead.
  • Give them the Offer. You must provide them with the offer you mentioned in the first place. You can just write” Thanks for details. Here is your e-book” or “here is the subscription to 7 days free trial of our services”
  • Always have a toolbar which has link to homepage in case, user wants to go back to home page.
  • Additional Content or Service: You can pitch your additional service or information. For example: “Thanks for downloading. Here is another free e-book that you may like”. Try to make it as interesting as possible and build reputation with
  • Include social media- Ask them to share it so that their friends can know of this opportunity or for spreading word. Whatever, you write make it engaging and relevant.

5 Thank You Page Examples

We will be discussing about 5 thank you page design examples that you can use to improve inbound marketing strategy and take the user to next stage of buyer journey.

  1. UnBounce

The first one in the list is UnBounce. As you can see below it is one of the most interesting and engaging Thank You Pages you can come across. It conveys its message and clearly tells them what to do next and leads to successful conversion of visitor into lead.

We will be discussing with the hep of example metho of improving digital marketing strategy
UnBounce Thank You page example
  1. Wistia

It is a video hosting site and after filling sign up form, it prompts the user to submit a video. Look at the way it has been presented. It is engaging.

We will discuss how to improve digital marketing strategy with the help of examples
Wistia Thank You page design
  1. HubSpot

If you have been reading my previous posts, you would have realized by mow, it is one of my favorite website to help people know about inbound marketing. It also has implemented the same strategies on itself, instead of just preaching others.

HubSpot Thank You Design
  1. LeadPages

If you are looking for a simple conversion page LeadPages definitely uses one of them. It also guides users what to do next and is pretty simple and engaging at the same time.

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LeadPages Thank You design
  1. AdEspresso

This is an example of thank you page which I would like to see when, someone downloads an e-book. It is clear what the next stage is, has a call to action and makes sure, user is getting what he wants. Colors are vibrant and use of different color for call to action makes it even more attractive.

AdEspresso Thank You Page Example

We will be discussing about closing section and sending e-mails in next post of inbound marketing certification course. For learning and reading more about inbound marketing strategy, you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.


Best Practices of Thank You Pages
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Best Practices of Thank You Pages
We will discuss about the best practices of Thank you page design and we will look at 5 examples of thank you pages that can help us in understanding about it
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