Best practices for Blogging

Chapter 43

We would be discussing how to use blog effectively for digital marketing strategy
Best practices for blogging – inbound marketing certification course

We have been discussing how to use blogs for generating traffic and bringing new customers to our sites. After, having known its importance, it becomes imperative that you get to know how to actually use this effectively and the best practices to be followed, to help them achieve success and more traffic for business.

This is something which is going to help you in your inbound marketing strategy as well.


Best Practices for Blogging

Success is something, which is a relative term. It is different for each and every company. For some it can be ranking higher and bringing more traffic, for others it can be making your existing customers happy by providing them with informative content. Whatever, be your goal, you would have to devise your strategy accordingly and make sure you are able to maximize that. Similarly, for the blog, your strategy will depend upon your goal. However, there are some practices that need to be followed to make your strategy successful.


Use Blog for generating authority

Blog helps you in creating authority for your website. Use it as a medium on which SEO strategy can be built upon. Use your content for getting referrals and ranking the search engines. Higher the number of backlinks and Page ranking, more the authority you will have. Just, don’t write anything on blog. Write things that are related for your business and those keywords in which you want to rank.



Content plays a very important role in your inbound marketing strategy. We have discussed the relationship between content and blog. The better your content, the better will be the user page experience. It also provides for a better on page optimization of keywords. The content will also help in adding value to customer and engaging the customer. In short, it forms the base of your inbound marketing strategy.


You will need to make sure, that you are ahead of your competitors. Timing helps in ranking you better, getting the customers first as competition won’t be there. Also, a better timing would mean targeting the buyer journey at right point of time. Let us understand this with the help of example.

Suppose, you are a toy company and might find that suddenly, there is a spike in the sales of a product say fidget spinner. Then, you will like to make effective use of it via your blog and bring customers to your blog. The benefit is there won’t be much people who would have noticed the same, you will be getting higher page ranking as there won’t be much content available.

Let’s consider the example for second case, the customer has just started looking for shoes. And you might just want to target them, by providing information. You don’t want to provide information to someone, who has already searched and made a decision to buy. You will like to show him with your buying page instead of information details. Therefore, knowing your customer and timing it accordingly becomes extremely important.



Develop your own writing style. Do not write anything for bots. Write original content, and make sure it is engaging for the audience. Search engines are now developed enough that they give more weightage to user page experience than your keywords. It doesn’t mean keyword optimization is not needed. You need it but give more focus to your style and engaging the audience.


Get Referrals for your content

Try to inform as many blogs and website about the content you have, write their blogs, try to get a link so that you get an opportunity to showcase your business to the audience of these. This will also build authority. The better and stronger the website which posts your link, the higher the chances your website will rank well.


We will discuss more about how to use blog in our next chapter of inbound marketing certification course. For any help or information on inbound marketing strategy you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.

Best practices for Blogging
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Best practices for Blogging
We will be discussing about how blogging can help us in success of our digital marketing strategy. Blogging is a medium which helps us in reaching our audience
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