this image helps explain the basics of finance. The first part is understanding the balance sheet analysis.It is a also a part of financial statement analysis. The series is provided by the buzz stand

Balance Sheet Analysis

Part 1 of financial statement analysis : Balance Sheet Analysis – In our basics of finance series, this article would help you know how to go about balance sheet analysis. But, before that lets talk about financial statement. The financial statement analysis of a company provide useful information to varied users in making economic decisions. For example, financial statements are an indispensable tool for financial analysts in making decisions on whether ….

the buzz stand explain leveraged buyout model with tata tetley example. Leveraged buyout in India started from here. Also, it is one of the finest leveraged buyout examples. Leverage buyout analysis of this case helps people undertand how to use different cvaluation methods for the same

Understanding leveraged buyout through Tata Tetley Case

  Leveraged Buyout model can be understood easily with a renowned case. An important landmark in the Indian corporate history was the acquisition of the iconic Tetley brand by the Tata Global Beverages(formerly known as Tata Tea) in the year 2000.The deal was sealed at a stupefying amount of £ 251 million. This deal is considered to be the biggest and most successful leveraged buyout in India. Tata Global beverages, ….