Attract Visitors by sending email with likeable content

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We know that if we target the users in a better way we will be converting more visitors. The reason for this is simple. It suits their need and is something that they require. If you are a customer who has been looking for shirts and you receive a mail regarding this, you will definitely be interested in things related to this. This means if the mail has been directed to the right people, we will be getting a better conversion rate. In this post, we will be discussing more about, attracting visitors using email marketing campaigns.


Methods to Attract Visitors using Email Marketing Campaigns


  1. Target the right people

Mail the right thing, to the right person at the right time. This is the key to success. Make sure, target group you have decided upon actually finds the mail relevant. For example, females are not going to find men shoes relevant most of the time. Therefore, targeting the right user is important.


  1. Mail them on Special Events or festivals

One of the ways of building reputation with your users is mailing them on special events. After, you have targeted the correct users send them a mail. If you have group of Indian users, mail them on events like Independence Day, Diwali, Holi etc. You can target a specific group on Pongal and Onam. These are regional festivals and will lead to more conversion rates if users of specific state are targeted.

Targeting is required since, you do not want the users from USA to be wished on Indian Independence Day and people of Punjab, being wished on Onam will simply not lead to more conversions.


  1. Mail Individual Users with their shopping preferences

You might try to mail individual users, with shopping preferences. For example, if a group is of men aged 25-34 they would be interested in much more fashion clothes. Then boys under age of 18 who might be interested in academic books. Even, though you are not able to be this specific, but you can definitely separate groups based on demographics. Like, prayer material would be mostly required by Indians, Trendy Women slippers by women in age 25-34. Use your commonsense, surveys, competitors and trends of your previous campaigns to design the best one.


  1. Gather Trends

You might know, which are the hottest trends in town. Use them. Suppose, when selfie trend came into market, businesses made huge revenue out of this. They mailed the users and asked them to upload selfies, with their products and hashtags and they offered discounts and lucky draws. Businesses got free promotion and more visitors. Some, posted images of selfies in email for example make up companies put models taking selfies with make up on. This created an image in the mind of users, that they would like to go after the trend too.

Remember, the fidget spinner trend now? It was a toy which used to be pretty old, but suddenly everyone wants to have one or see what it is.


  1. Offer them a special offer

You can do this on individual basis or target groups. Offer them special coupons, free ebooks, discounts or a free trial of your product. This can help to attract the user to your website.


  1. Analyze and Revise Content

Make sure, you keep analyzing the campaign. You can do this using tool like, Mail Chimp and Google Analytics. Keep on practicing what is going good, change the campaign which is not working for you.

Keep revising your content to make the best possible use. Trends change, occasions change and so do your campaigns have to according to time, to stay relevant.


For learning and reading more about email marketing campaign you can visit our inbound marketing certification course. In case you need any help or information, from the best digital marketing company in India, you can contact The Buzz Stand Team.

Attract Visitors by sending email with likeable content
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Attract Visitors by sending email with likeable content
We will discuss how to attract visitors using email marketing campaigns and how it can improve your revenue for your business
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