Digital marketing company would help you generate sales using inbound sales strategy
generate sales using inbound strategy

Why Transforming The Way You Sell Is Important?

It would be very hard to go into the past and imagine the time when the products were sold on the basis of their physical appearance. The salespeople were the go to experts that time before sale. For example, before the sale of CDs, they were all neatly packaged and organized on the basis of their genre and name and then they were displayed over the racks for consumers to ….

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SMarketing Alignment

5 Steps to Help Align Sales and Marketing – Smarketing

From the past few years, one term is constantly growing within the technology company – ‘Smarketing’. Some people think that they know exactly what this is but, in reality, they know nothing. Some other knows about it but don’t bother to apply it to change their perspective of marketing. Majority of the digital marketing company in India have their sales and marketing teams. The marketers play the role of creating ….

Aligning SMarketing with goals which can help improve effectiveness of digital marketing strategy
SMarketing Alignment

Alignment of SMarketing with goals

We have been discussing how sales and marketing have to combine in order to deliver the most effective results. This means that we need to align our goals according to SMarketing strategy in order to make our inbound marketing strategy more effective. At times, you would realise that sales and marketing strategies are overlapping and their goals, this would mean two things. One, there might be confusion as to who ….