Successful call to action strategy

Improve click through rate using Call to action

We have been praising all along, the effectiveness of call to action. And if you google search you would find every inbound marketing strategy, would be stating take the customer to next stage of buyer journey. In this post, we are going to back claims with statistics we found out and help you improve click through rate using call to action. Statistics that can help you improve Call to action ….

We will discuss how effective call to action placement can help in digital marketing strategy
Successful call to action strategy

Best practices – call to action placement

Call to action buttons are used to take customer, to the next stage of buyer journey, be it generating leads or helping them to find a solution they might be looking for. Call to action button comes in handy, to make sure your prospect is able to meet his requirements. Thus, placement of call to action button becomes really important as you want that your user should look at it ….

We will discuss how digital marketing strategy can be improved using call to action

Methods to convert visitors using Call to Action

  We have discussed earlier, the process of inbound marketing strategy. It begins with bringing user to website making him realise that he might be having a problem or user, who might be looking for some information. This depends upon stage of buyer journey customer is in. also we discussed, this would require an engaging content to make sure that customers stay and using call to action to move him ….

We would discuss how we can improve our inbound marketing strategy using effective call to action button
Using call to action

What is call to action button?

We have talked about conversion process and how with the help of call to action we can convert customers. Some of you might be wondering what actually call to action button mean and what all action qualifies under call to action button. We will also discuss what actually makes people click on this button and a little bit about different types of these button. What Is a Call-to-Action? Call to ….

We will discuss how to improve digital marketing strategy using conversion process
Using call to action

What is inbound marketing conversion?

  Inbound marketing conversion comes into play when you have a prostate on your site and you want to move him to the next stage. The next stage might include the prospect subscribing to your content, downloading e-books, registering for the website or buying product or service. Any step, which enables users are visiting your page to move onto the next date of the buyers journey becomes a part of ….

We will discuss how digital marketing strategy can be improved
Improve Social Media Effectiveness

Aligning Social Media Content with Buyer Journey

  For a successful social media strategy, we need to make sure that we target the right audience and at the right time. This gives rise to the relevance of targeting people at a specific stage of buyer journey and taking it to the next level.  This will make our task easier to generate traffic. There is no point in targeting customer, who is not seeking for a solution or ….

We will discuss about social media tool and how can they benefit digital marketing strategy
Amplify content using social marketing strategy

Social Media Tools

We have discussed how to analyse social media. But one thing we did not discuss about was which tools to use for analysing social media. We know that there are analytics tools which are available on the social media sites as well. However, it can become difficult while you are managing to many platforms at the same time. There are various integration tools available in the market, which can help ….

We will understand how you can improve digital marketing strategy using social media marketing analysis
Amplify content using social marketing strategy

Social Media Analysis

  We now know how to create presence on social media platform. After we have created a presence, we need to make sure, that we analyse what strategy we had implemented on social media accounts. We need to make sure what is working for us and what things need to be improved upon. We need to know how engaged is the audience on various social media platform and are we ….

using social media platform for digital marketing strategy
Amplify content using social marketing strategy

Finding right social media platform for business

Start-ups pose two big challenges for themselves one is the shortage of money and two it is limited amount of manpower available to them for their work. Internet has created many things. It has created search engines where people can find answers to anything, e-commerce websites where people can buy anything and now the social media where people can share anything, take their business to the masses and ultimately improve ….

We will discuss how social media plan can help your digital marketing strategy
Amplify content using social marketing strategy

Create Social Media Marketing Plan in just 6 steps

    Now after knowing the basics of social media strategy it’s time now to create a social media marketing plan for yourself. Social media marketing plan is important to make sure that you get your social marketing strategy right. Social marketing strategy of input marketing certification course we will be discussing about creating a plan. What is a social media marketing plan? Social media marketing plan gives you an ….

Using smart goals to set your goals and ultimately improve digital marketing strategy
Amplify content using social marketing strategy

What are SMART goals and using them in social media marketing

We have discussed about social media marketing and how it can be used in various stages in previous classes. In order to make sure that you are able to get desired results, you will have to set goals for each and every strategy mate. One of the strategies that can be used is smart goals. SMART goals are not only helpful in your social media strategy but in all the ….

We will discuss how social media strategy can be helpful for your digital marketing strategy
Social Media Strategy

In which stages of inbound marketing can social media strategy can be used?

In our first lesson, we discussed about inbound marketing strategy and how it is divided into 4 parts attract, convert, close and customer delight. Each part has its own importance. Attract stage is where we bring customer to our website. Convert is where we make sure customer who had come for information, buys our product or service. In the third stage, we close the deal. Fourth Stage, deals with customer ….

We will discuss how social marketing can help in improving digital marketing strategy
Social Media Strategy

Role of Social Marketing Strategy in Inbound Marketing

It is important to promote what you have written, your product or service or to connect with the audience. There are various mediums to do so, be it organic ranking, referrals or social media. Each and every medium has a role to play in inbound marketing strategy. Over the next few posts we will be discussing about social media and its role for making your inbound marketing strategy effective   ….

We will discuss how inflation affect business in our basics of finance series

How inflation can impact your business

In economics we define inflation as ‘the increase in general price level of goods and services in an economy over a period of time’. An inflation affects the overall growth of an economy. All units of economy and especially business houses are affected by inflation. However, it is to be noted that not all inflation is bad. Economist believe that a certain percentage of inflation is necessary for boosting economic ….

We will discuss improving blog effectiveness and eventually making sure our digital marketing strategy works well
Improving blog effectiveness

Improving Blog Effectiveness: Blog Analysis

After you have written the blog, there is always a need of continuous evaluation and revision in order to optimize your inbound marketing strategy. We have discussed about content analysis and this is going to be similar to it. We will learn how blog analysis can be done using page views, article growth, most popular articles etc. Let’s discuss this in detail. Tools for blog analysis I mostly prefer using ….

We will discuss about how blog promotion can help in creating an effective digital marketing strategy
Improving blog effectiveness

How to go about blog promotion?

We have been discussing about how to write blog and what to blog about. But, after we have written the content we need to make sure, our audience gets visibility. In order to do so we will have to look at various promotion options available be it social media presence, email marketing, tapping into your network, PR release etc. These are methods you would like to use in order to ….

We will discuss blogging methods to improve digital marketing strategy
Improving blog effectiveness

What to Blog About?

There would be many users who would be trying to find a solution, on what should they blog, how to blog and what to blog? But if you are trying to get your inbound marketing strategy correct, you need to be sure about what to blog? We have discussed in previous chapter of our inbound marketing certification course, about choosing a topic for a blog and working title for a ….

We will discuss about using white spaces and this will help us in answering a question to how to blog
Making Blog successful

What is a whitespace and how to use it for blog

Whitespaces are not always waste as they are considered. Though, they are not useful in increasing the word length which Google would require, but they play an important role in improving the page experience. Users have a habit of skipping through content, they just want to see what is relevant to them. So, whitespaces, help them in improving the visibility. No one wants to see the content in clustered form. ….

Using digital marketing strategy and blog to understand working title
Making Blog successful

What is the difference between working title of blog and topic of blog?

We have been discussing about the importance of topic selection for the content on your blog. We know that the topic should be around what your website or business has to offer. It plays an important role in generating traffic and bringing customers who want information to search product or service is your website is offering.  It also plays a role in improving the user page experience and Page Rank. ….

We will discuss how blog helps in increasing your digital marketing strategy effectiveness
Making Blog successful

Why should you focus on providing information rather than sell directly on your blog?

  Inbound marketing strategy, is all about bringing customers to your website rather business reaching out to them. This method is a cost-effective method and the most effective in term of ROI. This is something which we have discussed in our previous chapters of inbound marketing certification course. Blog acts as a medium of reaching out to customers. How will customer reach out to you? He will be searching for ….